who we are

Our History

Rolla is a super small town. We want to give you a super place to park when you are visiting. The Neameyer children are the 5th generation to live in the Rolla area.  Our family takes pride helping our town be the best it can be. I had the opportunity to manage a small campground when I was in college and loved it! I got to talk to so many interesting people from so many interesting places. It was a great experience for me and provided a valuable service for travelers. I’ve always wanted to do it again. It took 26 years, but I have my second chance.

The Rolla Job Development Authority built this park in 2021 and we bought it in the spring of 2022. The need was there for many years but the opportunity for the right property didn’t materialize until 2020. Location, location, location, right? Our park is conveniently located on highway 5 which is also Rolla’s main street. Super 16 will have next door availability to many popular stores. The new Ace hardware, Dollar General, Dairy Queen, Subway, and a few convenience stores are all within spittin’ distance. Not to mention all of Rolla’s downtown area is within walking distance. But please don’t think all there is to see is traffic! We are on the edge of town and 3 sides have mature trees as a backdrop for your relaxing evenings.

If you came to Rolla for a month long stay for work, welcome.If you came to Rolla for a weekend of relaxation, welcome. Whatever the reason, we hope you enjoy our town as much as we do!

My oldest daughter Grace and I will be handling the affairs of the park. Please call or text if you have any feedback or we can help you in any way.




community oriented

Thank you for helping everyone enjoy their stay

Our Rules


Please pay before you park. I know you think you’ll do it later but just in case you forget, please do it right away.


Please be respectful of others. Refrain from loud noise from 10 pm until 8 am.


Dogs must be kept on a leash and may not be left unattended outside the RV. You must immediately pick up your dog’s poop.  Nobody likes poop laying around.  Dogs deemed dangerous or a nuisance may be moved to the city pound at the owner’s expense. This goes for cats and iguanas as well. Hamsters may do whatever they wish.


It’s a free country. Smoke if you want. With freedom comes responsibility. Pick up the cigarette butts please.

Check out

Our check out time is 11 am. Please be respectful of this and contact us with any concerns.


What’s wrong with walking over to the dumpster? Your neighbors don’t want to see garbage bags sitting by your door. Take the walk please.

Firearms & fireworks

Discharging firearms or fireworks is prohibited. Because I said so.


No one, including the management of Super 16 RV Park, is responsible for your stuff or your safety. Please lock up your things and take care of yourself.


Attention criminals: we don’t dislike you. We are happy to collect your rent. But please don’t commit crimes whilst you stay here. We especially will not tolerate drug related activity.  Rolla’s police department will be called to inflict unpleasantness on your life if you bring trouble. Also, we will evict you and keep your money.


Please, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

No Capes. Just Campers.

Visit: 16 RV Park Drive  Rolla, ND 58367

Call: 701-550-9266


Follow highway 5 (Main Street) to the west end of Rolla. Turn north between Munro true value and Dollar General.